SD-WAN & DPI: A Powerful Combination for Application-Driven Networking

The SD-WAN market is growing fast, but so is competition. SD-WAN vendors need to offer products with unique features and capabilities to stand out. Real-time application visibility powered by deep packet inspection (DPI) software can be the decisive element in achieving them.
This whitepaper highlights the key value of deep packet inspection (DPI) software, which is enabling advanced SD-WAN analytics and security features.

Download this whitepaper to:
  1.  explore SD-WAN market trends, challenges and opportunities
gain insight on why DPI has become a crucial technology for SD-WAN solutions
  2.  see how DPI enables advanced SD-WAN analytics and security features
  3.  discover how DPI handles encrypted traffic
  4.  learn why vendors need to make the strategic choice between building in-house DPI libraries, relying on open source solutions or licensing software from a DPI specialist

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