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With a relatively lower barrier to entry (due to IP-tization and move towards software based solutions) and the aggressive marketing efforts by competitors, the telecoms’ solution market is one that has become very competitive yet continues to expand phenomenally. As one of the fastest growing B2B publications within the telecoms’ solution market, we see how today’s solutions are powering not only the transition of telecom operators into digital services providers and quad-play operators but also are starting to provide the critical delivery capabilities for OTT service providers, digital content providers including broadcasting companies, IPTV and satellite TV operators, mobile commerce services operators including online merchants and online banks, and M2M/IoT service providers from the transport, power, healthcare and the government sector and other players who depend on connectivity and IP-based digital delivery to deliver their services.

Our role has been to highlight the technological breakthroughs in this space, the development and deployment of new capabilities within today’s networks and also the roll out of innovative services enabled by these technologies and solutions. Our breadth and depth of coverage across the most critical solution segments in the telecoms market has attracted key decision makers, experts and professionals supporting the decision making process and saw us becoming the top reference site for strategy, technology, research, sales and marketing teams across vendor and service provider companies involved in this space. 

We leverage the high quality content we provide on a daily basis on our site, the huge traffic we pull, the massive following on social media channels and affiliate online outlets and also partnerships with event organizers and research providers to offer marketing solutions that enable us to help you to bring your technologies and solutions to the forefront by building the right context and attracting the right crowds.

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